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Most schools are still using the traditional education system which is inefficient and out of touch with the current challenges.


All the activities are still being carried out manually.


Attendance records are maintained in register books, making it a cumbersome task to keeping track of teaching progress.


Teachers have to maintain all the chapter contents to be taught in the class on paper.


It doesn't have to be like that. Somesha is a modern solution that everyone love.


It allows you to get an ‘at-a-glance’ look at the school’s progress from a centralised, intuitive dashboard.


It facilitates better communication between teachers, parents and students, and essentially, improve student outcomes.

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It can be used for everything from planning extra-curricular activities to accessing student information.


Here is how it works.


Data Visualization of your Institution’s Performance.

Thoughtfully designed Administrative Dashboard providing well presented reports on the day to day operations of the school. The Portal captures and generates data from your daily activities which it displays in simple and readable analytical reports.The login portal intelligently identifies the type of user based on their access credentials, reducing complexity.


Integrated Free Flowing Communication. SMS, Email and In app messaging.

Somesha’s Messaging and notification features, build a robust communication line. The Portal directly communicates a message to the intended recipient instantly and timeously.

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